Upgrade Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 to Android 4.1.1 via Cyanogenmod 10 [Jelly Bean]

Google is working hard to bring out latest features & bug fixes to improve Android user experience. As a result, they are rolling out the updates one after the another. Jelly Bean is one of the best Android version released up till now. Many smartphones and tabs have already got and running the  JB update. Unfortunately, some of the low end devices like Galaxy S, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Mini etc. didn’t get the update due to incapability of the hardware. But no worries, your phone’s development hasn’t stopped yet. Developers are toiling long hours to port latest Android builds on your phone.

Cyanogenmod 10 is a famous custom ROM that brings you all new Android experience on your phone. Basically it is based on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean that comes with many customizable features beyond the original Android (it includes goodness of JB too, such as actionable notifications, smoother interface etc. ).

The guide given below explains the step by step procedure to upgrade Galaxy Ace S5830 to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean through Cyanogenmod 10.

Disclaimer: The given procedure is considered as risky and may cause damage to your mobile. It is recommended that you should not follow it unless you are familiar with these things. Follow this article at your own risk. We or developers won’t be held liable for any damage caused to your phone while attempting these steps.


This guide is applicable only for Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830. Don’t implement it on any other device or variant of the same else it may result in permanent damage to your device.


  • Ensure that you have charged your mobile at least up to 70% so that installation process won’t get interrupted due to lack of battery power.
  • It is highly recommended to keep a backup of all your important personal data such as SMS, MMS, APN, contacts etc. to the external memory since it gets vanished during installation.
  • (Important!) You must have installed Clockworkmod Recovery on your phone. Without any custom recovery installed, you can’t flash this ROM.

Procedure to upgrade Samsung Galaxy Ace to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean via Cyanogenmod 10:


  • Download Cyanogenmod 10 ROM package from the link given below.
  1. cm-10-20121205-UNOFFICIAL-cooper.zip
  • Download Google Apps for CM10 (due to some licensing issue, Cyanogenmod ROM doesn’t include GApps by default).
  1. Google Apps for Jelly Bean.
  • Once you download both the files, connect your phone to the PC.
  • Select “Enable USB Storage” option on the phone to access / mount the external memory on your computer (Ensure that you’ve installed proper drivers for you phone).
  • Copy both files to the root directory of microSD card (you can also copy them to any folder you want).
  • After transferring both the files on external memory, disconnect your phone from the Computer.
  • Now switch off the device so that you can boot into the recovery mode. We’ll be using recovery for flashing the CM10 ROM.
  • While the device is switched off, press & hold Home button + Power key together to get into Clockworkmod Recovery.
  • Once you get into the CWM recovery, select “wipe data/factory reset” & then “wipe cache partition” (Caution! performing this step will erase all the data from phone memory, which includes sms/mms, contacts, reminders, APNs, call logs, apps installed in internal memory etc. therefore ensure that you’ve taken backup of all these things).
  • After wiping the data, select “install zip from sd card” followed by “choose zip from sd card“. Navigate to the ROM file (cm-10-20121205-UNOFFICIAL-cooper.zip). Select it & press on ‘Yes‘ to continue. ROM installation process will start.
  • Wait for the ROM to get installed. After ROM gets successfully installed, your phone will land in the recovery mode.
  • Again select “install zip from sdcard” and then “choose zip from sdcard” & this time browse for Google apps package file (gapps-jb-20121130-signed.zip). Press on Yes to install confirm Google Apps installation.
  • After flashing both the files, Select reboot system now to Restart the phone.
Catatan: Hanya dalam kasus jika Anda ingin kembali ke ROM sebelumnya (yang Anda memiliki cadangan sebelumnya), masuk ke recovery mode (disebutkan di atas), dari menu utama, pilih Backup dan Restore pilihan & pada layar berikutnya, pilih restore & pilih backup Anda terbaru untuk mengembalikan.

Selamat! Anda telah berhasil meng-upgrade Anda Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 ke Android 4.1 Jelly Bean melalui CyanogenMod 10. Untuk update terbaru & jauh, terus menerus mengecek Halaman Official Development di forum XDA dan jangan biarkan kami tahu bagaimana JB bekerja pada ponsel Anda ..


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