Update Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 With ICS 4.0.4 (CM9) Beta 7

So here is another ICS update for Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570. In the last update release, there were many bugs – system instability, mass storage problems, flickering and many more, but developers have put their efforts to overcome these problems and fixed the issues. Still they have not fixed all the bugs like camera (which is more essential), but we can expect camera and many other bug fixes in upcoming releases. Sources have told that the camera will fixed as soon as possible in near release. As this might take some time, till then you can enjoy this release & let developers do their work.
Now in further article we will be discussing how to update Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 to latest ICS 4.0.4 CM9 beta 7.
In the Due Course of this article We will be checking,
  1. Enhancements in ICS 4.0.4 (CM9) Beta 7 for Galaxy Mini,
  2. Essential Steps Before Installing ROM
  3. Procedure to update Galaxy Mini s5570 with ICS 4.0.4 Cyanogen MOD 9 Release.

Disclaimer: We have made this article covering each and every part at our level best. In case if any damage happens to your device (it should not be), neither we nor developer will be held liable for it.

Enhancements in the ICS 4.0.4(CM9) Beta 7:

  • Android updated to 4.0.4.
  • FM Working.
  • Clean Cyanogen Mod 9 Sources.
  • Smooth windows animations.
  • New phone lock animation.
  • Hardware acceleration on most video formats (not all).
  • Smooth videos on YouTube (LQ only right now).
  • Fully working deep sleep.
  • GSM fully works (signal indicator/mobile data/phone calls/messages etc.)
  • Updated Google Apps.
  • Flickering is Gone.
  • Working native mass storage.
  • New kernel, updated to
  • Smoother than Gingerbread.
  • Good System performance.
  • Improved GPU performance.
  • Removed UMS app.
  • New Adreno 200 libraries for ICS.
  • Fast and Smooth System.
  • Working Live Wallpapers (won’t slowdown your system, like before or on Gingerbread).
  • All time Gallery and Calculator.
  • Working Gmail App.
  • Smooth And Fast Native Browser.
  • All Apps with Graphics Problems are Fixed.
  • Updated AOSP/CM9 sources.
  • Updated Audio Libraries.

Essential Steps Before Installing ROM:

  • You Must Enable USB Debugging By Checking the Box in your device by Following the Path Below:

Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging

  • It will highly Recommended to Backup all Your data Stored in your phone So as to Restore it back just in case If You Lose or Corrupt the Data During this Process.
  • Your Device Must be Charged up to 70% or Above Battery Level to Ensure that Your Device should not be Turned Off During this Process.
  • It will be Recommended to Temporary Disable Security Tools as well as Antivirus Installed on your Computer as This might Interrupt the Process.
  • Your Device Must Be Running Gingerbread 2.3.x ROM. This ROM will not Work on Froyo 2.2.x.

By Assuming that you have followed all the instructions mentioned in Essential Steps Before Installing ROM, you are now ready to proceed further where we will be checking how to apply this Firmware Update in your phone.

Procedure to update Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 with ICS 4.0.4 (CM9) Beta 7:

For Simplicity We Have Divided Procedure in Two Simple Steps.

Step 1: Clock Work MOD Installation

  • Now, Switch off Your Device And Enter into Download Mode By Pressing Power+Menu Button+Volume Down Button Until Downloading Mode Appears.Open Odin_v4.38.exe. Place tass.ops on OPS tab. Place CWM- in PDA Tab.Connect the device to PC which you have put in Downloading Mode. Press Start and wait for flashing process is finished (Until You See Pass message).

After this you will have to proceed to the next step which is mentioned Further

Step 2: Installation of ICS 4.0.4 CM9:

  • First up you need to download Zip file in Your Computer which is mentioned Below.
  1. CM9 for Galaxy Mini (update: 11 Nov 2012)

Tip: Update Samsung Galaxy Mini to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean via Cyanogenmod 10

  • Now, once you are done with downloading the above files in your computer, you need to now copy the files in your phone and ensure that you are not placing these file deep into the phone. Please note that you should not modify or rename the files which you have downloaded or else there is a high probability that the file would not be supported.
  • After this Enter in Recovery Mode.Recovery Mode Can Be Entered By Holding Power Off + Menu Button Simultaneously.
  • In the recovery mode, you will have to choose “choose zip from SD”. Now, from the list of files and paths you will need to first select the file which is named as “m-9-20121110-UNOFFICIAL-tass.zip” (or which You Have Copied to SD Earlier). Ensure that you select the file properly.
  • Now, as soon as the process is over.Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset And Wipe Cache Partition.& Then Select Reboot System Now.

Note: It Will Take Some Time For The First Boot As You Are Flashing The ROM For The First Time.After 1st Boot, Your Device Will Boot Normally.

So as soon as the firmware updated successfully, the device will be rebooted and Cheers, you have now successfully updated Your Device to Latest Update of ICS Beta 7. (You can Check it by Settings->About Phone). Do let me know in the comment Section Just in case if you face any issues, I Will Try To Fix It As Soon As Possible.


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